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More pup pics

October 26th, 2010 -- No Comments »

We went to visit Alfie for the first time last weekend, so thought I’d share some more pics. The pups are still very tiny (4 weeks now), but very curious and playful!!!



October 12th, 2010 -- No Comments »

Two posts in the same month, it must be a special month! I figured some of you wanted to meet Alfie, so we got a picture from the breeder….


We are “with pup”…

October 9th, 2010 -- No Comments »

OK, so I’ve not posted for AGES, but today is a special day… After 10 years in London, Linda and I finally decided on a bit of life style change. Linda has resigned from her job, and will take a three month sabbatical. Who knows, she might even write her novel and become the next JK Rowling!
What’s far more important though, is that we are getting a puppy! His name is Alfie and he’s a (rather rare) Entlebucher puppy.

(note: this is a random picture, not *our* pup to be!)


Spam spam spam spam spam…. sigh

April 11th, 2010 -- No Comments »

OK, I’ve avoided using a captcha (see this link if you’re interested to allow people to make comments on my blog.

And even with blogging about one post every month, I still get 50 odd spam comments a day. So I’m fed up with it now, and I’ve added a captcha to the comments page…



English kid toys

April 5th, 2010 -- 2 Comments »

Nothing like teaching them early…

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Guess the continent

January 11th, 2010 -- 4 Comments »

Linda’s artistic and very geography talented attempt at describing one of the continents. Can you guess which?

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Welcome back…

January 4th, 2010 -- No Comments »

An hour into my commute this morning I find myself having moved but three stops on the district line… The new years resolution plan of going to the gym this morning now completely out of the window, I can’t say I’m impressed with this “going back to work” lark!

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Rocky rocks!

December 20th, 2009 -- 1 Comment »

A couple of a years ago, we accidentally got in to a theme with our company christmas do’s. It started with indoor sky diving, which looked to be amazing. I didn’t participate, because at the time I still had a dodgy shoulder, but the guys had a great time. That was the “AIR” theme ticked.

Next up was “SEA”… taking a RIB out on the Thames, and speeding along at 218 miles per hour (almost) was exhilarating if not a bit cold.


This year’s “LAND” theme was done by a bit of good ole Go-karting. And the unanimous verdict was that it has been the best xmas do so far! We were all a bit bruised and sore at the end of it, no thanks to one person in particular bumping his way through the field, but it was a success.

However, my side didn’t stop hurting when the muscle ache ended… As it turns out, I’ve broken a rib!! And BOY that hurts! I’m not sure how Rocky or any other boxer do what they do, they must like pain more than I do.

The doc said not to worry, it’ll pass in a few weeks but for now just relax and “Take da pain!”


Boy… Wolf… Cry…

November 17th, 2009 -- 3 Comments »

So here I am, on the districtline neatly minding my own business, waiting for the train to depart from Earls Court. It’s taking it’s sweet time, but nobody bats an eyelid. This *is* TFL after all.

After a few minutes however, an announcement… “Ladies and gentleman. Due to an emergency we kindly ask you to leave the station immediately!”

This is not your standard message and everyone on the train looks up and at each other. A flurry of confused looks exchange and then: “Ladies and gentleman. Due to…” the message repeats as do some of the confused looks. Only some though, since most have changed from confused to “I’m not moving, I got a seat!”

At the third repeat, I pack up and hop off the train. Oddly enough only 3 others follow my example and we head for the exit. As we start up the stairs, another announcement. This time not a pre-recorded dooms message though: “ladeesh an gen’al’man… Ffanks for lis’ening to our daily alarm check notice…”

The four of us stare at each other and shake our heads. We head back to the train and hop on. We’ve lost our seats and now have to endure the triumphant smug grins from those that had remained seated.

Next time there’s an alarm they can piss off; I’m not giving up my seat unless the flames are lapping at my feet!!!

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Tortoises doing cartwheels?!?!?

November 4th, 2009 -- 1 Comment »

OK…. so I’m not one who enjoys seeing advertising everywhere, but I s’pose it’s a fact of life. Now for as long as I’ve been in London, I’ve noticed the “Poems on the Underground” campaign, which places poems on the tube where there would otherwise be advertising…
“Good thing!” I hear you say… well not to me…

Tubes being late… so-called “planned” engineering works… leafs on the track… signalling problems… even strikes… non of them bother me more than these annoying poems!!!


Who the f*ck is this dancer??? what’s she got to do with a bleeding tortoise? And what sick individual is she anyway that she wants here WRINKLED lips kissed?!?!?!

And this is not even the most confusing one that I’ve come across!! I s’pose it isn’t art unless you dont understand it…. sigh…


Gotta teach em when they’re still young

October 24th, 2009 -- No Comments »

Who said I’m irresponsible when it comes to kids?!? I’m anything but! I’ll even share my beer with the lil fellow!

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Bad start…

October 20th, 2009 -- 3 Comments »

As if waking at 5am after an hour of restless turning around in my bed wasn’t annoying enough. I find that the “pot-that-holds-the-magic-substance-to-survive-to-allow-you-to-function” is… EMPTY!!!

This is going to be a very loooooong day…

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Spring tide

September 20th, 2009 -- 1 Comment »

Well the planning-for-the-wedding fun has started. We’ve headed out to richmond to look at some venues. First grab some food down at the water side tho… Or at least that was the plan. A massive spring tide put a halt to that idea tho. Only those with wellies are able to get to the pub!

Turning back to round the block and reach the pub from the other side was a good idea, but it looks like someone forgot to shut the Thames barrier today, because the entire Richmond waterfront is flooded!

Oh well. Lucky for us there are 1 or 2 more pubs around here! Quick bite and then some venue hunting! ;-)


I never said never

September 12th, 2009 -- 3 Comments »


You step… you DIE!!!

September 10th, 2009 -- 1 Comment »

Walking to my office this morning I came across the following sign…

Now I know some people claim I’m always over optimistic, but to claim a 10cm by 15cm hole has a DANGER OF DEATH associated with it really is taking the piss!


Late summer eve

September 7th, 2009 -- 2 Comments »

Nothing like coming home after a nice dinner in the pub to start an evening fire and chill out with a beer.

This chimenea was the best purchase I’ve ever made!


Huh? I can’t hear you!!!

September 7th, 2009 -- 3 Comments »

OK… so it took a year and a half but finally my Macbook Air has presented itself with a fault. Just after installing Snow Leopard, my audio has stopped working. Naturally I figured this could be down to a SL compatibility problem, but the more I look in to it, the more likely it is down to a faulty audio flex cable…
Macbook Air Audio flex cable

And since I dont want to part with it for a week, I’m not bringing it to the genius bar. Using the excellent guides on, I have step by step instructions on how to replace the cable. So if you dont hear from me for a while, I’ll have broken something


End of a great weekend!

August 31st, 2009 -- No Comments »

Starting grid
So a great weekend comes to an end, after watching an amazing performance by Fisi. He could not quite get Kimi, but to hold on to him the entire race in a Force India car shows the amount of progress they’ve made.
Who's the top scorer now?!

Not a great weekend for the Britons, as Lewis and Jenson decided to play in the gravel box like little kids. Non-the-less, my fantasy team in our F1 league has done well, and I’m now top of the league!!! Eat that Andy!



August 29th, 2009 -- 1 Comment »

We’ve arrived in Spa and after 2 sec I was ready for beer. Ian and Rich proceeded to take minutes with their tents, being so old fashioned.
After a rather slow burning attempt at a BBQ we manage to eat a few burgers and pass out for the night. That at least was the plan. A group o over enthusiastic lotus owners next door kept us awake however. On top of that I’ve worked out that my sleeping bag is… Well… Rather thin. Had to wear two t-shirts and jeans to not freeze to death in the bastard!

But, none of that can take anything away from my spirit. Awaking at 8am to the sound of a Ferrari warms up every cell in my body!
The day turns out to be great. We see loads of cups racing, warming up, qualifying and watch an amazing pole by Fisichella an get slightly sun burnt. The day ends with a somewhat nasty accident by coletti (GP2) right under our nose. As I write this I’ve no idea if he’s OK. I hope so.

Only one thing they could improve here: the food. We’ve got deep fried fat coming out of our ears by now!


1 Day, 12 hours, 30 minutes, 02 seconds…

August 26th, 2009 -- No Comments »

Spa Eau Rouge
Bit of a bizarre posting this, but here’s one for the future! Simply put, I can not wait for this weekend. Linda has given me for my birthday a grandstand ticket for Spa Francorchamps!!!

Ian, Rich and I will be heading to the Belgium forest for a serious dose of F1 adrenaline. We’re sitting right in Eau Rouge with a view downhill as the cars come screaming up the hill towards us.

Tent, check. Rental car, check. Wet weather gear, check. Tickets, check… Now lets pray for some rain to see Hamilton perform some magic up that hill!!!!