Tortoises doing cartwheels?!?!?

November 4th, 2009

OK…. so I’m not one who enjoys seeing advertising everywhere, but I s’pose it’s a fact of life. Now for as long as I’ve been in London, I’ve noticed the “Poems on the Underground” campaign, which places poems on the tube where there would otherwise be advertising…
“Good thing!” I hear you say… well not to me…

Tubes being late… so-called “planned” engineering works… leafs on the track… signalling problems… even strikes… non of them bother me more than these annoying poems!!!


Who the f*ck is this dancer??? what’s she got to do with a bleeding tortoise? And what sick individual is she anyway that she wants here WRINKLED lips kissed?!?!?!

And this is not even the most confusing one that I’ve come across!! I s’pose it isn’t art unless you dont understand it…. sigh…

One Response to “Tortoises doing cartwheels?!?!?”

  1. Inga says:

    Ik begrijp dat je dringend behoefte hebt aan uitleg van deze kunstuiting…….. ;-)
    Wat dacht je hiervan: met de danseres wordt de schildpad bedoeld die onder dat schild zit, die ervan droomt om al die leuke dingen te doen – vandaar de ‘wrinkled lips’ (die van die schildpad namelijk)…
    Vergelijk het maar met de kikker die – door de prinses gekust – een echte prins blijkt…..
    Was this helpful??!! ;-)

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