Rocky rocks!

December 20th, 2009

A couple of a years ago, we accidentally got in to a theme with our company christmas do’s. It started with indoor sky diving, which looked to be amazing. I didn’t participate, because at the time I still had a dodgy shoulder, but the guys had a great time. That was the “AIR” theme ticked.

Next up was “SEA”… taking a RIB out on the Thames, and speeding along at 218 miles per hour (almost) was exhilarating if not a bit cold.


This year’s “LAND” theme was done by a bit of good ole Go-karting. And the unanimous verdict was that it has been the best xmas do so far! We were all a bit bruised and sore at the end of it, no thanks to one person in particular bumping his way through the field, but it was a success.

However, my side didn’t stop hurting when the muscle ache ended… As it turns out, I’ve broken a rib!! And BOY that hurts! I’m not sure how Rocky or any other boxer do what they do, they must like pain more than I do.

The doc said not to worry, it’ll pass in a few weeks but for now just relax and “Take da pain!”

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  1. Tinkerbell says:

    Poor you!!!
    Yes that hurts … I know!!! … and noboby knows how much until they have a broken rib themselves …

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